15 Cute Baby Elephant Pictures That Will Melt Your Heart

1. This baby elly staying close to her mother's side

2. Making new friends out in the playground

3. This little one playing with her mom's tail

Source: davidlazarphoto.com

4. Going for a quick run

5. Happily skipping through a sunny field

6. Practicing his yoga poses on a rock

7. There's nothing stronger than a mother's love ❤️

8. Shake it off, shake it off 🎶

9. Going for an afternoon walk in the African sun with mom ☀️

10. The two best friends that anyone could have

11. Mommy bum, daddy bum, and 2 baby bums

12. Sometimes in life you just need a little push

13. Monkey see, monkey do 🐒

14. "I'm going THIS way"

15. "Look mom, I got a stick!"

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